Restaurant Quality • Hand Crafted

Welcome to LICK! Ice Cream. We are an Australian manufacturer/wholesaler of gourmet ice cream and sorbet.

LICK! Ice Cream is the creation of Grant Lew, a qualified
Chef with 14 years experience in fine dining and catering.

The production process is traditional and hands on, incorporating authentic ingredients including cream, couverture dark chocolate, fresh fruits and spices.

LICK offers you a restaurant quality product, servicing the retail sector and hospitality industry. We regularly communicate with industry professionals and encourage customer input to ensure the delivery of a consistent premium product.

We believe in creating 3 key elements: a distinctive taste, full-bodied flavour and velvety smooth texture. There is no compromise to quality as demonstrated in the range of gourmet flavours.

• Traditional and customised flavours.
• Create your own signature flavour.
• Design a special dessert with our in-house Chef.

• Personalised product labelling.
• Taste-testing sessions with your customers.


LICK! Ice Cream is a proud recipient of the following awards:

Dairy Industry Association Of Australia (Queensland)

Dairy Champion Product 2005 - Couverture Dark Chocolate Ice Cream
Dairy Reserve Champion Product 2005 - Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Gold Medal 2005 - Couverture Dark Chocolate Ice Cream
Silver Medal 2005 - Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Silver Medal 2006 - Macadamia Praline Ice Cream

Royal Show (Queensland)

Gold Award 2007 & 2006 - Couverture Dark Chocolate Ice Cream
Silver Award 2007 & 2006 - Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Silver Award 2007 - Roasted Pear Ice Cream
& Passionfruit Curd Ice Cream
Bronze Award 2006 - Caramelised Condensed Milk Ice Cream
& Macadamia Praline Ice Cream

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